2018 How to Check If You Are Blacklisted by PTPTN

PTPTN blacklist is one of the most concerning financial issue in Malaysia.
Many have failed to keep up the repayment consistently, especially those who has just graduated and started to feel the stress of cost of living.

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The frustration is further extended by the appearance of their names on PTPTN blacklist.
Many were caught totally unaware, just when they were about to embark on an outgoing flight.

Yes, those that are blacklisted by PTPTN will be prevented from renewing passport as well as travelling abroad!

So what are the methods to check if you were blacklisted by PTPTN?

Here are 3 official ways listed by PTPTN
– Semakan senarai hitam PTPTN boleh dilakukan melalui saluran berikut

1. PTPTN Official Portal – Black List Review

Click here to go to the page to check. You will need to fill in your IC number, phone number and email address.
(Do take note that the url must be https instead of http)

If you go to Official Portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM), you will be redirected to PTPTN official portal.

2. Call the official PTPTN Careline at 03-2193 3000.

3. Personally check at PTPTN / JIM counters

If you prefer face-to-face consultation, then checking at any PTPTN counter would be a better option for you

Borrowers should consult with PTPTN within 7 days prior to overseas to avoid restrictions at the airport or at the border door.

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