2018 How to Check Your PTPTN Balance – Semakan Penyata

This article will tell you how to check your PTPTN balance – semakan penyata

Once you have graduated, you need to start repaying your PTPTN loan, you have up to 6 months to look for a job.

Defaulting on your PTPTN student loan can result in serious repercussions, which could start off your working adult life on disastrous note.

Unfortunately, many students do not know how to check the PTPTN balance they owe.
It’s very important to repay your loan in order to prevent from getting blacklisted.

Once you’re blacklisted, you are barred from travelling overseas and you are unable to open a new bank account until you’ve pay your loan. Checking how much you own PTPTN is not difficult.

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check ptptn balance

ptptn balance semakan penyata

It is very crucial to keep track of your balance and make sure that the PTPTN repayment is on time.
Especially now that PTPTN record is displayed in your CCRIS, which may directly affect your loan application rating.

Many have neglected PTPTN repayment, only to realize they are barred from taking housing loan after paying earnest deposit. Eventually they would have to pay up a lump sum to “settle” in order to proceed with loan process.

Thus it is reminded to keep your record clean, and check your CCRIS before you pay earnest deposit in house buying process.

If you are not confident that you can keep up the repayment, there is a solution for you that you may consider, that is to repay PTPTN through salary deduction.

Find out how it works in the article below.

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