How To Repay PTPTN Through Salary Deduction

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What channel can you use to apply for repayment of PTPTN through salary deduction?

Borrowers can apply online to make a salary deduction or attend to a nearby PTPTN counter .

Click here to apply online for salary deduction

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Why are you recommended to make PTPTN repayment through salary deduction?

Repayment through salary deductions can prevent arrears.
The loan record at CCRIS will also be kept clean.

This is crucial if you would like to apply for loan application in near future, for example housing loan.

For civil servants, repayment through salary deductions is mandatory.
(In accordance with the direction of the Chief Secretary to the Government – Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) in September 2015.)

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What should you do if you want to repay the loan through salary deduction?

First, you are required to complete the Payroll Permission Form (Borang Kebenaran Potongan Gaji) available at the PTPTN Official Portal.
Submit it together with a copy of the latest salary slip at any of the PTPTN branches.

Next, PTPTN will update the payroll record in the PTPTN system and forward the amount of deduction to the employer.
Once the employer performs a salary deduction, PTPTN will update the payment information in the statement.

An updated check on revised records may be made on the Loan Statement.

Under what circumstances will PTPTN implement a mandatory salary deduction?

PTPTN implements a mandatory salary deduction if it does not receive any refund from you within fourteen (14) days from the date of the PTPTN Financing Consultation Referral Letter.

Negotiations are still open if you cannot afford the amount of the installment specified. You are required to consult PTPTN at any branch within 14 days from the date of the letter.

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Can you make a deduction if the Refund Schedule / Jadual Bayaran Balik (JBB) has not been built?

No. Monthly installment of repayment through salary deduction is based on the Refund Schedule already established.
You can make a refund through other channels provided.

What is the common reason why salary deductions fail to make?

Most of the time, the salary deduction information that you have provided such as Salary Number and Accounting Office Codes are not matched with the employer’s database.

Thus, you are required to submit a copy of the the latest salary slip together with the completed Pay Deduction Permit Form.

What is the situation that causes the salary deduction to be cancelled?

The salary deduction will be cancelled if you have settled the entire debt loan, has quit his job or has filed bankruptcy with the Department of Insolvency Malaysia.

What do you need to do if you stop working and switch new employers?

You should inform PTPTN by filling out the Salary Deduction Permit Form for deduction with the new employer. The payroll record with the old employer will be cancelled and the next pay cut will be made with the new employer.

Can you make a repayment through salary deductions if you have been charged blacklist and summons?

You need to settle the blacklist and summons first. You are required to consult any PTPTN branch if you have been blacklisted or attend to Legal and Prosecution Division at the Kuala Lumpur headquarters for matters regarded to summons.

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Can you make a deduction of salary exceeding the monthly installment set?

Yes. You must complete the Salary Deduction Permit Form with a new deduction amount.

Can you make deductions less than monthly installments?

No. If you are unable to make payment based on the scheduled installment amount, you are recommended to reschedule the loan.

Can you make a deduction of salary according to the initial monthly installment schedule if there are arrears?

You can deduct the salary according to the initial monthly installment schedule, but need to settle the arrears first.
If you cannot afford it, you will need to reschedule the loan to get the new installment amount taking into account the amount of the arrears.

What should you do if there is no repayment record in the PTPTN statement while the information on the pay slip indicates a deduction has been made?

You should refer to the employer promptly so that the employer can make a review with PTPTN.

What if the salary deduction has not been updated after application?

You should settle monthly installments through other channels to avoid arrears and enforcement actions.

When will salary deduction be updated in your statement?

Repayment through salary deductions will be updated in your loan statement by the following month after the payment is remitted by the employer to PTPTN.

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